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Why does my furnace blow cold air?

Thermostat set "on"

When your thermostat is set in the "on" position, it is one of the most common reasons that most units will blow cold air when they should blow warm air. This implies that the furnace is working continuously and does not heat the air coming out of it. An easy solution to this issue is to set your thermostat to auto so your furnace stops working all the time and only turns on when the temperature you set your thermostat for is reached by your home.

Overheated Furnace Another reason your furnace may be blowing out cold air is that it may have overheated. The limit switch, a safety feature in all furnaces that will turn off the burner, can trigger this issue. The limit switch turns on in most cases because the air filter in the furnace is dirty, and your furnace may have to run longer to keep your home warm before the furnace finally overheats because that filter is dirty.

The solution to this issue is very simple, try replacing the air filter with a new one and check to see if your furnace starts blowing warm air again.

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