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Common mistakes with your Air Conditioner

Is your air conditioner not performing as well as it once did? As the days pass by, we sometimes overlook HVAC units. If that's the case, your air conditioner may need some maintenance. Check our list of common mistakes.

1. You aren't changing or cleaning your air conditioning filters.

You should change the filter at your indoor unit at least once every month. This will ensure the indoor coil stays as clean as it can during the higher use months. 2. You aren't getting your system serviced regularly.

All HVAC systems should receive maintenance from a professional once a year. 3. You don't have a thermostat that can be programmed.

A programmable thermostat can save an estimated $150.00 on your annual air conditioning bill by automatically adjusting the temperature at times when you are at work or away from home. 4. You've got your thermostat set too low.

Setting your temperature down 1* you’ll use 1% less energy. 5. You don't have any curtains or blinds. You can protect your room from the sun's heat by closing blinds and draping curtains to block the sun's rays. So if you are looking for professional maintenance service, contact the team at Four Seasons Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration today!


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