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Keep the Condenser and the Evaporator Coils Clean

Whether it’s an indoor or an outdoor HVAC unit, you want to keep the coils as clean from debris as humanly possible.

This is all part of good HVAC maintenance, and you want to keep the airflow running as smoothly as possible. One of the signs that you have a blocked coil is how the unit no longer powers on.

Cleaning the coils is a quick maintenance hack, but before you begin to clean them, you should make sure that you carefully follow the instructions.

Take special care when you handle the coils because you don’t want to damage them. This can be astronomically expensive, and paying for it will range anywhere from $400 up to $1200 to replace the coil.

The pricing depends on what kind of brand and model of HVAC system that you have. Also, the more expensive units tend to have more expensive parts for replacement. If you dont feel comfortable cleaning the coils yourself, contact the team at Four Seasons today.


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