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Reasons you Need Heat Pump Repair

Have you been running into some trouble with your heat pump? Do you find yourself setting the thermostat but still not feeling comfortable? If so then it might be time to schedule a repair. Air conditioning and heating repair in Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding areas is easy thanks to Four Seasons. Here are some reasons to give us a call:

-"Wet Sock" Smell There should be no noticeable scents coming from your heat pump. If suddenly you are getting a wif of wet socks, it's likely due to a clogged condensation drain line or a substance on the evaporator coil. This will need to be cleaned. -Strange Noises Your heat pump should only make a noise when coming on in the heat mode this is normal. It is a valve in the outdoor unit changing over. (a gentle swish sound). Any noises outside of this will almost always signify that there's a problem.

-Low Airflow When you replace the air filter in your heat pump make sure to walk around and make sure none of the air vents are being blocked. If after changing the air filters you are still getting poor airflow then it's time to call the professionals.

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Andrew Hayward
Andrew Hayward
5 days ago

The HVAC Contractor Delray Beach team was incredibly professional and efficient. They diagnosed the issue with my heat pump quickly and had it repaired in no time. I appreciated their clear communication and expertise.

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