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Air Balancing to Reduce Hot Spots

If you have been dealing with hot spots in your home air balancing might be a good way to solve this problem. Air balancing is when you adjust and test the airflow throughout your home so that you have the correct amount of air in each room. To practice air balancing in your two-story home the registers on the second floor should be partially closed and fully open on the ground floor. If you live in a single-story home you should partially close the registers that are in rooms that remain cool during the summer and fully open in the rooms that get the most heat.

A few other tips that can also help get rid of hot spots include:

-Making sure the registers have no obstructions,

-Cleaning or replacing the filter every 30 days and

-Installing window coverings on all your windows to block out the heat.

If you are still having issues with hot spots, contact Four Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating for all your cooling and heating needs.

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