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Ways to Lower your AC Costs this Summer

The summer season has started here in Northwest Florida. The Panhandle is known for having very hot summers and if you are spending time at home, you will surely be using your HVAC unit to make you more comfortable.

We have a few recommendations on how to keep costs low when the weather is at its highest.

Tips for the Beating Summer Heat

Keep Blinds Closed – You may have blinds, curtains or shades in your home that prevent excessive light from entering into your house. By preventing solar heat from gaining access to your home, you also help regulate temperature inside and keep your ac unit from over working.

Use a Ceiling Fan – Turning on the ceiling fan, can help you feel a few degrees cooler and make you feel more at ease when the weather outside is hot. But to really save energy, make sure to turn it off when not in use.

Maintain your Cooling System – Maintaining your system is highly important. Without the proper care of your HVAC unit, it will end up working harder to cool your home and cost you more money during the summer season. Replace your filter at least once a month and make sure your unit is clear of dirt and debris. I

f you have any other questions about your HVAC unit this summer or would like one of our AC repair professionals to come out and service your home, contact your AC repair company, Four Seasons today!

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