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Our HVAC Repair Contractors Better Assist Homeowners with Pets

According to ASPCA, approximately 47% of all households in the United States have a dog and about 37% own a cat. Having a cat or a dog can be an endless battle for a homeowner when it comes to cleaning up after all the dander and fur. What homeowners don’t realize is that homes with pets are more than just cleaning the surfaces within your home. Homes with pets suffer from poor air quality when there aren’t proper solutions already put in place.

Our HVAC recommendations for all the homeowners with pets

1. Air filters – When you have pets, your air filter on your HVAC unit needs to be changed more frequently than what is recommended by the manufacturer. 2. Upgrade filters- Perhaps allergies are a problem around your home. We would recommend high-efficiency filters that can remove smaller dander particles and help clear the air around your home. 3. HVAC Cleaning – If you have noticed build of pet hair and dander along with any other debris in your HVAC system, then we recommend getting it cleaned. HVAC system cleaning and duct cleaning are services that could help clear air quality in a home with pets. Would you like to have an inspection of your duct and heating system? Contact us and set up an appointment so that one of our HVAC repair contractors can come out and inspect your unit. We will arrange a time that is convenient for you!

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