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AC Repair Prevention Destin and Fort Walton Beach

Did you know that your HVAC unit requires monthly upkeep? There is maintenance that should be done regularly to prevent your HVAC from needing major repair.

Thermostat Check your thermostat regularly to make sure it is giving an accurate reading of indoor temperature. If incorrect, if may be time to invest in a new one.

Check for Drafts If your home doesn’t already have energy efficient windows or doors, this may cause your HVAC unit to work extra hard to help regulate the temperature. If investing in energy efficient windows is not a possibility, then at least make sure you have sealed any gaps where air may be escaping.

Add More Insulation By making sure that your walls and attic are properly insulated, you prevent air from escaping through the walls. Proper ventilation will fill the room with the desired temperature of air without it exiting through the walls. This prevents your unit from staying on more often than it should.

These are just a few of the easy steps that could be added to your home care routine to prevent future AC repair. For more serious HVAC problems, contact our experienced staff for assistance.

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